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Organize your


What do your memories look like?

Allow a professional photo organizer to help you regain control of your collection of memories. Lucky Duck Photo Organizing LLC offers many different digital and physical organizing services, allowing you to finally get all of your ducks in a row!

Meet Laura

I am a professional photo organizer who helps people all over the world organize their digital photo files so you can enjoy them again.  I offer many services that allow me to help you (no matter where you are) get organized and be able to access your photos so you can relive those wonderful memories.  Let me help!

Download my checklist!

Where do you look for all your memories?  Download this checklist for ALL the places to look for both your digital photos and your printed treasures.

Lucky Duck LLC



Digital Organizing

I will use screen sharing software (yes, you can be anywhere in the world!) to work on YOUR computer to consolidate your photos from multiple sources, delete duplicates, organize them into a chronological structure that is easy to access and maintain and back them up to your preferred cloud service! 


Scanning & Conversion

I will digitalize your memories by creating high-resolution files of loose photos, scrapbook pages, documents, negatives, slides, etc. 

I can also convert old VHS tapes (and other media) to digital format for easy viewing on any computer and device.

Send me your DVDs and CDs that computers no longer read.  I will grab those files off for you and add it to your digital photo library.


Photo Books

I will design custom pages for photo books to get those memories off your computer and into your hands where everyone can enjoy.  Do you want to turn your vacation or event or child’s art work into something tangible?  Ask me how.